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May 17, 2021 @ 9:00 am July 11, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

Shared Leadership for School Improvement

Group of teachers sitting and talking.

Learn how to advocate for your school’s vision of literacy teaching and learning.

In this 8-week online graduate course for coaches and teacher leaders, learn how to get everyone in their school on the same page about literacy.

May 17-July 11, 2021 (Summer Term I)
Number of Days:
8 weeks
Grade Levels:
Leadership & Coaching
  • District & School Leaders
  • Literacy Coaches & Teacher Leaders
  • Classroom Teachers, Interventionists & Specialists
Must be taken for graduate credit
Online Graduate Course
$2,050 ($650/credit + $20 registration fee + $30 technology fee + $50 copyright fee) + required texts
  • Course Number: EEDUC 6406.80
  • Fees are subject to change
Course Description & Outcomes
Cancellation Deadlines & Refund Policies


In their roles, literacy coaches and teacher leaders must be prepared to promote literacy teaching, mentor colleagues, facilitate a variety of meetings, and communicate with stakeholders. In this online course, we’ll explore how to take on this leadership role.

Learn how to lead productive literacy leadership teams, create a culture of collaboration, trust, and respect in your school, and study the importance of developing long-term school improvement.

By enrolling in an online graduate course, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace with the support of a virtual community and have access to a variety of educational resources and materials at your convenience.

Course Outcomes

  • Examine essential elements that support the development of professional capital and long-term school improvement
  • Cultivate a culture of collaboration, trust, and respect
  • Facilitate conversations with sensitivity to gender, race, ethnicity, and culture across the school
  • Lead and sustain the work of school leadership teams to support the school’s vision for teaching and learning
  • Manage and lead data analysis with the leadership team
  • Use data to tell stories and communicate with stakeholders
  • Examine the opportunities for teacher leadership within the school or district
  • Develop a plan to work with administrators, teams, and stakeholders to increase leadership opportunities and build professional capital


Required Texts

  • Aguilar, E. (2016). The art of coaching teams: Building resilient communities that transform schools. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
  • Hargreaves, A., & Fullan, M. (2012). Professional capital: Transforming teaching in every school. New York: Teachers College Press.
  • James-Ward, C., Fisher, D., Frey, N., & Lapp, D. (2013). Using data to focus instructional improvement. Alexandria, VA: Association for Curriculum and Development.
  • Learning Forward. (2011). Standards for professional learning. Oxford, OH: Author.

This option must be taken for 3 graduate credits. Take the course individually or as a required course in our 12-credit Online Graduate Certificate in Literacy Coaching and Teacher Leadership.

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