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Spring 2024: 8-Week Online Graduate Courses

All of these spring courses can be taken individually (3 graduate credits each) or applied towards our two online graduate certificate programs.

SPRING TERM I: January 22 – March 17, 2024

In this offering for teachers and literacy educators, learn how to plan for and teach effective small group, differentiated instruction in the primary grades.

Learn about the reading and writing processes to support your colleagues’ professional learning in this offering for literacy coaches, teacher leaders, and school administrators.

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SPRING TERM II: March 18 – May 12, 2024

This online course is for literacy coaches, teacher leaders, and administrators who want to understand how to work with their colleagues to promote a healthy professional learning culture in their school.

In this offering, learn how to use behavioral evidence of student talk and writing to design instruction to deepen the level of students’ thinking about reading.

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Develop your knowledge of the alphabetic system so you can teach foundational skills effectively to all of your students including English learners. This course examines principles of effective phonics instruction related to the complexity and structure of language.

Did you know? We offer two online graduate certificate programs!

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