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Our Top Posts from 2023

As the year winds to a close, let’s pause and reflect on the wealth of learning and collaboration that has enriched our Center in 2023. Join us in revisiting standout blogs, filled with invaluable strategies to empower young readers and writers – with the hope of infusing joy into the learning process.

  • Make Room for Meaning: How Decoding and Meaning Go Hand-in-hand
    Is it harmful to ask an emergent reader, “Does that make sense?” Associate Director Wendy Vaulton, highlights a few takeaways from one article that reviewed evidence related to using meaning-based (context) and code-based strategies (phonics) for early readers.
  • Getting to Know Your Readers
    Literacy trainer Nikki Drury talks about how observational assessment can be used as an opportunity to gain valuable information about your readers.
  • We Are Writers: A Kindergarten Journey
    Literacy trainer Heather Rodman reflects on her conversations with a literacy coach in Ardsley Union Free School District, NY. Find out what contributed to these kindergarteners’ identity, agency, and independence as writers.
  • A Word of Songs, Poems, and Nursery Rhymes
    Have you considered the many benefits of using songs, nursery rhymes, and poetry in your classroom? Literacy trainer Gen Arcovio shares how to get started with analyzing your books, texts, and poems.

What other topics would you like us to cover in 2024? Or would you like to contribute to our blog?

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