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May 1, 2026 @ 9:00 am 3:30 pm

Online Graduate Certificate in Literacy Coaching & Teacher Leadership

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Drive school change and improve reading and writing outcomes.

Based on the work of Irene Fountas & Gay Su Pinnell, and other literacy teaching and coaching experts, this 12-credit online graduate certificate program will help you develop a culture of professional learning within your school or across your district.

Number of Days:
Complete in 8 months.
Anywhere / Anytime
Grade Levels:
Leadership & Coaching
  • District & School Leaders
  • Literacy Coaches & Teacher Leaders
Must be taken for graduate credit
Online Certificate

The program is designed to help you to:

  • Learn about reading and writing processes to support your colleagues’ professional development
  • Help teachers reflect on their teaching
  • Design coaching sessions with teachers to support their reading and writing instruction
  • Develop a plan to work with administrators, teams, and stakeholders to increase leadership opportunities and to build professional capital in your school or district
  • Create a school culture built on trust, collaboration, and respect
  • Lead and sustain the work of school leadership teams to support the school’s vision for teaching and learning

To participate, you should be working in or have access to a school or district environment so you can practice theories and strategies you’re learning in your coursework.

Full details for this online program can be found on the Lesley University site.

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What are the benefits of an online program?

When you earn your certificate online, you have the flexibility to study when and where you want. You’ll learn in a virtual community that supports you, with interactive elements like chats and discussion forums that keep you connected. With access to the latest online learning tools and educational resources, you can be sure you’re getting everything a Lesley education has to offer.

Full details and enrollment requirements for this online certificate can be found on the Lesley University website.