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August 26, 2025 All day

Visionary Leadership for California Educators 

Using Observation Tools to Develop Teacher Expertise and Improve Literacy Outcomes

September 6, 2022
9:30–10:30am & 1:30–2:30pm (Pacific Time)
Grade Levels:
Leadership & Coaching
  • District & School Leaders
  • Literacy Coaches & Teacher Leaders
Online: Real Time Webinar

We invite school leaders based in California to join us for this 1-hour webinar with Irene Fountas and Cindy Downend from the Center for Reading Recovery & Literacy Collaborative at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Invest one hour and you will understand how to use observation tools to refresh and reimagine the professional learning possibilities in your school. Using one tool as an example (Interactive Read Aloud), you will be able to envision the role it can play in promoting curriculum coherence, educator collaboration, continuous professional learning and improved literacy instruction. 

This webinar will be live at 9:30–10:30am (PST) and 1:30–2:30pm (PST). Please select the webinar you plan to attend upon registration.

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