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LauraSue Steinman

Project Coordinator

What I like most about my role within the Center…

Working with wonderful people; working towards the goals of helping children learn to read and getting great literature into the hands of children.

What I believe in

Equity, social justice, and kindness.

Previous work highlights

I have had a varied career and done many things. My favorites were teaching elementary school, working with National Council of Jewish Women to promote social justice and equity in my community and throughout the world, editor for a travel website, assistant to the General Counsel of multi-billion-dollar publishing company. My very favorite job is being a mom to my 2 college age sons.

Favorite book

I am a voracious reader and cannot choose a favorite as it changes all the time. I love fiction, non-fiction, and children’s literature. There are so many wonderful books to read and so little time.

Fun fact

I am an amateur photographer – people, scenery, anything that catches my eye.


BA in Sociology with a concentration in Communication

MA in Early Childhood/Elementary Education with a specialty in Literacy

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