Team Page Hero

Erin Lynch

Assistant Director of Outreach, Marketing & Engagement

What I like most about my role within the Center is…

I like the positive energy working in higher education, and playing a small role promoting the Center’s mission of literacy feels rewarding.

What I believe in

Leveling the playing field. Listening. Being humble. Drawing out everyone’s stories, because everyone has good ones.

Previous work highlights

I have spent most of my career writing and doing graphic design, and I love to bounce back and forth between big picture/creative ideas, and tiny details. My first job after college was reviewing TV shows and interviewing television personalities for a magazine that was later sold to TV Guide.

Favorite book

The Brothers K by David James Duncan

Fun fact

I’m a dual citizen: USA and Australia. 

I make birthday crowns out of felt.

I like to bake bread. Mostly sourdough.


BS in Magazine Journalism, Boston University College of Communications

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The 2024 book, “Fact-checking the Science of Reading: Opening Up the Conversation,” is an unbiased, accessible review of ten major claims associated with the Science of Reading movement.