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Headshot of Alex Eustice

Alex Eustice

Project Coordinator

What I like most about my role within the Center is…

The opportunity to work with and for such wonderful, knowledgeable people. I also enjoy the day-to-day changes, no two days at the Center are the same.

What I believe in

I believe that laughter heals, stories connect us and dessert is always a good decision.

Previous work highlights

Before coming to the Center, I worked for roughly five years for a social security disability advocacy group.

Favorite book

The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood

Fun fact

A few years ago I went from one cat, to six, very quickly when I found out that my foster cat was pregnant. Six (one adult and 5 kittens) at one time was a hilarious experience.


I graduated from Suffolk University with a Bachelor of Science and Journalism. I always laugh at the “Science” part, because I took as many science classes I could, in order to avoid having to take Math.

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