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August 1, 2022 All day

Literacy Collaborative Training

Ensure positive literacy outcomes for every child in every classroom by partnering with Literacy Collaborative.

Training is held online through a combination of live, interactive sessions and on-demand learning. Participants apply what they learn and receive job-embedded coaching from Lesley University faculty as part of their coursework.

Dates to be Announced!
Leadership & Coaching
  • District & School Leaders
  • Literacy Coaches & Teacher Leaders
  • Classroom Teachers, Interventionists & Specialists
Includes 9 graduate credits
Online: Real Time Virtual Learning

Literacy Coach In-Training &
Ongoing Professional Development Dates

Literacy Collaborative Coach In-Training Dates
Ongoing Professional Development


The literacy coaches/teacher leaders record videos of their teaching and coaching, and complete readings, case study assignments, and reflection papers. The literacy coach takes three 3-credit courses during the year and earns 9 graduate credits from Lesley University upon completion of the training.

EEDUC 6056: The Reading Process, Texts, and Teaching in Reading Workshop

This course will give you a deep understanding of theory and practice in the reading process and how children’s processing changes over time; an in-depth knowledge of the features of texts, characteristics of genre, and an understanding of how to match texts to readers for effective teaching; and teaching within an organizational framework for reading workshop. We give attention to children who struggle and to children whose first language is not English.

EEDUC 6057: The Writing Process, Students as Learners, and Teaching in Writing Workshop

This course is designed to help you develop deep understandings of theory and practice in the writing process and how children develop as writers over time; the use of assessment to inform ongoing instruction; supporting learners through inquiry into genre craft, and conventions of writing, and how to use an organizational framework for teaching in a writing workshop. We give attention to working with children who struggle learning and those whose first language is not English.

EEDUC 6051: Multiple Roles of the Literacy Coach

This course gives you the opportunity to develop theoretical knowledge and skills necessary to work as literacy coaches in their schools or districts. You’ll gain experience in how to develop and work with school literacy teams, plan and implement professional development sessions, and provide collegial coaching around the reading and writing processes and the implementation of reading, writing, and language/word study workshops.

Training dates for the 2022 cohort of Literacy Collaborative (LC) coaches begin August 2022.

Exact dates to be announced!

Ongoing Professional Development is spread across five days and begins September 2022. These dates apply to coaches who have completed their first year of Literacy Collaborative (LC) training.

Exact dates to be announced!

Interested in learning more about Literacy Collaborative? Schedule a meeting with one of our faculty trainers.

“I’m excited to create a classroom setting in which the language arts instruction is purposeful, engaging, and very intentional because it is based on the needs of my students. I have a wealth of new information and materials to help me put this knowledge into practice.”

Wendy Marotta, Grade 3 Teacher, Concord Public Schools, Massachusetts