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September 8, 2020 @ 9:00 am November 1, 2020 @ 3:30 pm

Guided Reading: Responsive Teaching in Grades 3-8

Educator sitting a table, looking through a children's book.

Learn how to use Guided Reading with your students in grades 3-8.

In this 8-week online graduate course for teachers and literacy educators, learn how to plan and teach effective Guided Reading lessons in intermediate and middle school classrooms.

September 8-November 1, 2020 (Fall Term I)
Number of Days:
8 weeks
Grade Levels:
Literacy Teaching
  • Classroom Teachers, Interventionists, & Specialists
  • Literacy Coaches & Teacher Leaders
Must be taken for graduate credit
Online Graduate Course
$2,050 ($650/credit + $20 registration fee + $30 technology fee + $50 copyright fee) + required texts
  • Course Number: EEDUC 6045.80
  • Fees are subject to change
Course Description & Outcomes
Cancellation Deadlines & Refund Policies


Guided Reading is an instructional method in which teachers work with small groups of students who are reading at similar levels. In this course, we’ll examine how to use Guided Reading with students in the intermediate and middle grades.

Discover how to observe and assess intermediate and middle school students’ reading behaviors. Learn how to analyze and select appropriate texts. Build an understanding of how to form flexible groups, and how to plan Guided Reading lessons that address the needs of each reader within the group.

We’ll also discuss the complex nature of the reading process. Learn how each element of a Guided Reading lesson presents opportunities for teaching and learning that supports the varying needs of all students, including students whose first language is not English.

Course Outcomes

  • Build knowledge of the reading process and the strategic actions that enable students to become effective readers
  • Observe, assess, and analyze reading behaviors in order to plan for instruction taking into consideration the diverse needs of all students including English language learners
  • Use the 10 characteristics of texts to analyze books along a gradient of difficulty to consider the supports and challenges that texts offer to readers
  • Choose and introduce appropriate books for Guided Reading instruction based on assessment data
  • Explain how each part of a Guided Reading lesson presents opportunities for teaching and learning with attention to the needs of English learners
  • Group students dynamically for Guided Reading instruction based on assessment data
  • Identify characteristics of fiction and nonfiction to support students effectively as they read in a variety of genres
  • Learn how the reading workshop provides a structure and management system that allows for whole-group, small-group, and individual teaching

Required Texts

You are responsible for purchasing/having access to the following professional texts for this course:

  • Fountas, I.C. and Pinnell, G.S. (2017). Guided reading: Responsive teaching for all grades. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
  • Pinnell, G.S. and Fountas, I.C. (2017). The Fountas and Pinnell literacy continuum: A tool for assessment, planning, and teaching. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann

This option must be taken for 3 graduate credits. Take the course individually or as an elective in our 18-credit Online Graduate Certificate in Developing Literacy Expertise Through Responsive Classroom Teaching.

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“I feel so much more grounded in the actual foundations of the Guided Reading portion of Reading Workshop. I have less anxiety about my ability to incorporate Guided Reading as a regular part of my teaching of reading.”

Carolyn Hammonds, Directing Teacher for Third Grade
Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School, Washington, D.C.