Literacy For All Conference

The Literacy for All Conference

Nationally renowned literacy and Reading Recovery conference for PreK-8 educators.

This year’s conference was a full day of learning with incredible leaders in education. On-demand sessions are still available to purchase and access until December 31st.

Keynote Speakers 2022

John Schu

Rachael Gabriel

Additional Speakers

  • Afrika Afeni Mills
  • Stephanie Affinito
  • Meg Burns
  • Mary Ann Cappiello
  • Grace Enriquez
  • Jennifer Flight
  • Irene Fountas
  • Gravity Goldberg
  • Chris Hall
  • Jacy Ippolito
  • Joseph Kassick
  • Penny Kittle
  • Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
  • Leah Mermelstein
  • Maria Nichols
  • Linda Rief
  • Gay Su Pinnell
  • Enrique A. Puig
  • Nawal Qarooni
  • Islah Tauheed
  • Erika Thulin Dawes
  • Wendy Vaulton

Conference Sponsors

For full details and registration, visit the Literacy for All Conference website.

“I loved attending the different workshops. The amount of information provided is extremely helpful and will help me be more successful in my classroom. I enjoyed the workshop on teaching phonics and will definitely use some of the things I learned in my own room.”

Jenna Ricciardi