Literacy For All Conference

The Literacy for All Conference

Nationally renowned literacy and Reading Recovery conference for PreK-8 educators.

Young students holding books.
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This year’s conference was a huge success and while you may have missed the live sessions, the on-demand sessions are available until December 31st!

Keynote Speakers 2021

Sara Ahmed

Jim Knight

Jennifer Serravallo

Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey

Additional Speakers

  • Stephanie Affinito
  • Irene Fountas
  • Erin Brown
  • Brian Cambourne
  • Gianna Cassetta
  • Maria Nichols
  • Melissa Stewart
  • Jennifer Scoggin
  • Tiffany Jewell
  • Mark Weakland
  • Sunday Cummins
  • Erika Thulin Dawes
  • Mike Anderson
  • Gravity Goldberg
  • Towanda Harris
  • Ernest Morell
  • Courtney Chan
  • Tanya Wright
  • Maria Walther
  • Liz Kleinrock
  • Gay Su Pinnell
  • C.C. Bates
  • Colleen Cruz
  • Melanie Meehan
  • Cindy Downend
  • Allison Marchetti
  • Courtney Varner Lorden
  • Adria Klein
  • Debra Crouch
  • …and many more!


For full details and to register please visit the Literacy for All conference website.

“I loved attending the different workshops. The amount of information provided is extremely helpful and will help me be more successful in my classroom. I enjoyed the workshop on teaching phonics and will definitely use some of the things I learned in my own room.”

Jenna Ricciardi

Check out what happened in 2019, when we were to face-to-face in Rhode Island!